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Hitchin’s coffee lovers are in for a treat with our newly expanded shop now open, headed up by the chirpiest coffee lover known to man, Magdalena.
We serve knock out coffee (using only the best, ethically sourced beans from Hot Numbers), New York style bagels, salads, healthy juices, smoothies, pastries and treats.

Monday - Friday

7:30am - 5pm


8:30am - 5pm


9am - 4pm



Coffee Workshops

We offer bespoke coffee workshops for people who are passionate about coffee and want to learn more from true coffee experts. We cater for every level, from enthusiastic novices to espresso aficionados. Courses are run for between 2 - 6 people at a time, either come as a group or we can match people up with others.

£50 per person, each course is about 2 hours long and filled with plenty of hands on time with the machine and of course tasting.

Topics for the workshops include:
1) Alternative brewing and single origin induction (Aeropress, Pourovers, filters)
2) Espresso and latte art (learning how to create a perfect espresso by mastering the coffee grinder and perfecting the milk to create beautiful latte art)

Words from a recent Workshop attendee:

“I bought my husband for Christmas the coffee workshop at Hermitage Rd as he is fanatical about his coffee, so I thought if he’s going to bore me he might as well do it from an educated point of view! It was fantastic! We had a lot of fun learning about the journey of bean to cup, tasting different beans, experimenting with milk latte art, much more difficult than it looks and trying out different ways to brew the coffee. The 2 hours was packed with info, with drinks and nibbles included, we didn’t want to leave. Thanks Magda for organising, we had a great evening!”

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