Coffee & Bagels

Open 7 days a week

Hitchin’s coffee lovers are in for a treat with our fantastic service from our passionate team (headed up by the chirpiest coffee lover known to man, Magdalena) and knock out product (only the best beans will do).

Our Faema E71 is one of the very first in the country, shipped in from Italy it is the latest invention from the iconic coffee machine masters at Faema, set up by Carlo Ernesto Valente way back in 1945. The beans we use at hermitage rd are sourced directly from farms around the world in the most sustainable, social & environmental way. Roasted by Hot Numbers.

In addition to our award winning coffee (having been named by The Independent as one of the top 50 coffee shops in the country) we also offer a range of delicious breakfast, lunches and treats. Our hand-rolled New York style bagels (available straight up, seeded, pumpernickel or ‘unicorn’ to name a few) are filled with the freshest ingredients for breakfast and lunch. We also have a range of homemade treats including sausage rolls, croissants and mouth-watering baked sweets.

Contact us or call by, we love a chat.

Our Loyalty Membership

Our loyalty card is our way of looking after our favourite people and rewarding your loyalty. It has lots of great perks including a free bar snacks, double gins and birthday treats. It also gives you your 7th coffee on the house, your 13th bagel and 9th pizza on the house across all of our resturants. Some of you are finding it really handy to load the card up with credit so you don’t need to carry cash, and when you do there is the added bonus of an extra 5% to spend from us. Pick up your card and register online at

Coffee Workshops

We offer bespoke coffee workshops for people who are passionate about coffee and want to learn more from true coffee experts. We cater for every level, from enthusiastic novices to espresso aficionados. Courses are run for 4 people at a time, either come as a group or we can match people up with others.

£50 per person based on 4 people, each course is about 2 hours long and is lead by our coffee expert Eva who holds certificates from SCAE Gold Cup Standard Brewing Course and is a sensory Judge for United Kingdom Barista Championships (UKBC).

Topics for the workshops include:
1) Alternative brewing and single origin induction (Aeropress, Pourovers, filters)
2) Espresso and latte art (learning how to create a perfect espresso by mastering the coffee grinder and perfecting the milk to create beautiful latte art)

Words from a recent Workshop attendee:

“I bought my husband for Christmas the coffee workshop at Hermitage Rd as he is fanatical about his coffee, so I thought if he’s going to bore me he might as well do it from an educated point of view! It was fantastic! We had a lot of fun learning about the journey of bean to cup, tasting different beans, experimenting with milk latte art, much more difficult than it looks and trying out different ways to brew the coffee. The 2 hours was packed with info, with drinks and nibbles included, we didn’t want to leave. Thanks Magda for organising, we had a great evening!”

Small things to save the world

We try and do our bit to help keep the world beautiful. One way we try and reduce waste to help the environment is to serve our coffee in reusable cups. You can bring in your own coffee cup and we will give you 25p off your coffee.

Our beloved charity toaster is also helping us raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Come and help yourself to toast, jam, marmite and peanut butter and just pop some change into the charity box to help us raise more. This year we raised a whopping £21,000 for charity across the family business in this our 20th year. It was a big goal but we ran, swam, sky dived, walked our way across the finish line. Suddenly toast seems like the much easier option hey!

1 in 400 take away cups are recycalable in the uk, we have just started to work with Frugal cups which can be recycled up to 7 times.

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